Mothers, Parents, and Loved Ones

Last December, when I received the 5am call on a Friday morning that my mother was on her way to the hospital, I was oddly calm.  However, a flood of emotions followed a couple hours later.  More came when the second call came saying if I wanted to be sure to see her again, I should plan to be there by Sunday or Monday.  I was there on Saturday.

Though I’ve had my challenges at times with my mother (seems most of us do), what was most clear to me in that day of getting ready to get on a plane to Florida to be with her, was that I was SO not ready to lose her.  While I had just spent several days in Arizona with her the previous week for Thanksgiving and we’d had a nice visit, it was the thought of not having her to call anytime I wanted that was hardest to face.  For the time of her incredible recovery (and she has just about completely recovered from a 3-10% chance of living! which is why I know call her “the miracle lady”), it was extremely hard not to be able to talk to her about any little thing going on in my life or hers.

Today I opened a card from Mom, aka miracle lady, to read “Hi to my beautiful, talented and resourceful daughter–your Mom thinks you are doing amazingly well in these difficult times.  Lots of Love, Mom”.  Tears flowed freely.  What a blessing was this encouragement I needed to hear today.  It’s been such a trying year, but in spite of all that I’m most grateful that I was able to take the month to go and be with her all those hours in the hospital and to see her through such an amazing fight for her life.

So, for children who still have their mothers/fathers, I hope you don’t have to experience something like this to realize the value of your parents.  And, for parents who have children who don’t always seem to appreciate you, know that you have the ability to be infinitely important to your children, whether this is apparent to you or not.  To everyone, don’t hesitate in speaking, writing or otherwise sharing those words of love, encouragement and support that can make such a difference in someone’s life.