About Karin


skinny-karinHi there!  Welcome to my website.  An architect and landscape designer by profession, I’m also an artist and musician and am currently a high school teacher.  I enjoy sketching  and watercolor painting, singing and playing a little piano and guitar.

Born in Stuttgart, West Germany, the daughter of an Army officer and a children’s librarian/artist/homemaker (and many other titles I could list for my mother!), I love to travel and have lived in Arkansas, Virginia, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, and the Panama Canal Zone. Received my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Arizona State University, but began college as a theater major, and continue to have an interest in performing arts.

With over 25 years in the profession of architecture, I’ve worked in a breadth of roles including architecture, landscape architecture, planning, interiors and as an educator.  It’s been an interesting and rewarding career.  By now, I’ve acquired a number of skills so that I’m able to take on a wide range of tasks, but there is always plenty more to learn!

Besides my career, I’m involved in several art groups, musical endeavors, Church and community groups. Life is good and about the best it’s ever been for me.



Finally, meet my beloved dog Luna.  She’s been a great companion since finding her in Abiqui in need of a home.  She’s pretty special and might even write a blog or two here!

I hope you will stop in often and write to send me feedback on my art and blogs!