My first blog!

Well, still plenty to do here to create a complete website, but have been wanting to write a blog for awhile and am going to take this opportunity to get started.  Not entirely sure where the motivation for this came from (some of it from my mother’s recent crisis and the daily log I kept on Caringbridge for a few months in the last year), but have been wanting to get back to more writing, and this seems a good way to get back to it.  Am guessing that I will find my way and voice over time in this endeavor, and the books I’ve read so far support just starting and figuring it out along the way, so here I am to do just that.

Things that are important to me to write about, depending on the day include the topic of creativity which has long been a fascination for me, and about which I’ve been doing much reading.  No doubt it has roots in my 25+ year career in architecture and art, but also in my musical training and experiences with theater, and any number of other types of creativity experiences.  I also have a stated 500-year goal of ending suicide (thanks to Brian Klemmer’s influence), though have yet to figure out what exactly this looks like or where my work to this end fits into my already busy life, so certainly this will be a topic here on occasion.  My faith and personal growth will no doubt be part of the content here, and certainly this past year and more of exploration in the realm of figuring out my professional life will be mentioned.  Will post another page of information about at least some of my background for anyone who stops in that isn’t already familiar with it.

I look forward to hearing back from anyone who stops here to read what I have to say.  We may or may not agree, but I do welcome your comments and conversation.  From everything I’ve read and experienced so far about blogging, it’s often the discussion and activity that comes from a blog, and not just the blog itself, that makes it such an interesting form of communication and information sharing. 

As I’ve lately been noticing how many blessings there are everywhere in my life, I’m closing this first blog with a litany of gratitude.  Thanks first to God for calling me out of my pain and showing me how very much life is worth living, to Jesus for loving me and making my faith so much more personal, and to the Holy Spirit for choosing to dwell in me.  A very special thanks to my mother, aka the miracle lady, who has always been my biggest fan and who is an incessant encourager in my life–and especially for her role in encouraging and developing my creativity.  Thanks to my ever expanding Klemmer & Associates family who have supported me in ways I didn’t know I needed to achieve things I never believed I could achieve.  Thanks to my huge extended family and friends who are now scattered across the globe.  Thanks too for City of the Lord  in Tempe, a devout group of amazigly gifted people who had and still have a very strong role in my formation as a Catholic and who continue to live lives that inspire me and call me forward in my faith.  Whether any of you are currently in my life or not, you continue to impact me daily, whether you know it or not.  Also, a thank you to my new kind, enthusiastic and talented friend Michael Browning for helping me establish this site in a very short time.  It’s been a very exciting process!

I look forward to sharing more of my life with whoever chooses to stop by, and to hearing back from you about yours!

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