Theatrical Sets

Dogfight, directed by Michael Montroy

Desert Rose Playhouse, October/November 2013 (scenic artist only for this one)


Angry Housewives, directed by Michael Montroy, Desert Rose Playhouse,      August 2013 (scenic artist only for this one, revised cityscape from Sylvia by taking out the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building, and adding the Space Needle!)

Angry Housewives

Wiley and the Hairy Man, directed by Ryan Morris for PLAY Conservatory, Summer 2013 (


Sylvia, directed by Shiela Freed (Desert Rose Playhouse, April 2013)  This time, not the designer, but scene painter.

 Tick Tick Boom, by Jonathan Larson/David Auburn, directed by Scott Schuster (Aux Dog Theatre, February 2013)

The Price, by Arthur Miller, directed by Scott Schuster (Aux Dog Theatre, February 2012)

AuxDog Theatre, Albuquerque, February 2012

Detail of skylight







Detail of faux wood floor I painted (about 400sf)







A Shot Away, directed by David Allen Newman, AuxDog Theatre January 2012              (this one a progress picture)

A Shot Away